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Permanent eye-liner on the upper and lower eyes will enhance the shape of your eyes and help make them a real feature day in, day out. 


The effects are amazing! Whether you’re ‘expert’ or you struggle to get it just perfect, eye-liner can sometimes be tricky to do for yourself. Good for sporties and swimmers too!


As a makeup artist, I take great care ensuring a perfect finish that will work for you.


Call on 07772 646242 or get in touch by email.


Eyeliner from £245

Imagine how amazing it would be to wake up looking wide-eyed each day? Permanent eyeliner adds soft definition or a more dramatic look to your lash line. You choose. 


"Refreshed, low maintenance and a really straightforward process. Thanks Louise!" 


"I found the whole experience very professional and comfortable. Louise made me feel relaxed from the start and explained the process as she went along. The discomfort was minimal and I am really pleased with the results."


"I have defined eyes first thing in the morning regardless of what I've done the night before. It's particularly good for sport: swimming, skiing, running"


“I'd really recommend having the treatment done with Louise, she really puts you at ease." 

"Absolutely brilliant. The procedure took no more than 2 hours for results which will last a long time. They look brilliant, I am so pleased with them. Louise was very professional and someone I felt at ease with. She gave her opinion on what she thought would look the best to suit me and I trusted her 100% to achieve such excellent results. She knows what she's talking about!"



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