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Many people struggle getting their brows just right. Most of us have naturally uneven shapes or they feel thin from over-plucking. 


Perfect tattoo eyebrows frame the face beautifully and create a balanced, defined look. The good news is that the perfect brows you always wanted are now possible.


You can choose from a natural textured hair stroke or a soft, penciled look.


Don’t be browbeaten! Just enjoy those perfectly symmetrical brows.


Call on 07772 646242 or get in touch by email.




Brows from £350

An instant way to achieve facelift results without surgery. Brows over-plucked or naturally thin? This treatment will create a natural look and frame your face beautifully. 



"I chatted to a couple of my girlfriends regarding permanent make-up, and they thought it would make such a difference to me. I booked an appointment with Louise and have never looked back!"



"After spending many years with sparce eyebrows due to over plucking in my teens I've always envied women with fabulous looking eyebrows and now I don't have to!"


"I booked an appointment to speak to Louise wanting her views & honest opion. She thought it would be a great idea and explained everything to me in great detail. 

We both agreed to go ahead with the exciting prospect of having beautiful eyebrows."

“It was a painfree experience for me I found that Louise's instructions throughout and the relaxed atmosphere was excellent."
"I am so pleased with the outcome and would have it done again - I would definately recommend to a friend. Thank you Louise."
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